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a quality world
a quality world

BettiniBettini S.r.o. is a family run business.
   We started it in 1971, when we took over an existing company established back in 1948, soon after the end of World War II.
   The company’s objective is the production and processing of various metals (shearing and moulding of iron, INOX stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium).
   Over the years we have gained considerable experience while following a policy of constant commitment to research.
   As a result, we are now in a position to provide the metalwork industry with our own product range, covering the following sectors:

  • Physical bird repelling devices - approved by LIPU, the Italian Bird Protection Organization – manufactured from certified materials, such as Inox stainless steel, copper, polycarbonate, phosphorous brass
  • Oleodinamic accessories
  • Accessories for the lighting, nautical, camping and cycling sectors
  • Ground and wall fitted bicycle racks
  • Balcony flower tubs.

Elio Puggioli BolognaOur company - established in 1923 - started off as a machine shop for metal shearing and moulding.
   The main idea behind the whole business was to replace cast iron with iron sheets for the production of brackets and supports for radiators and pipelines.
   Then, following the successful outcome of this first idea, our product range grew with a number of accessories specially developed for stoves, heaters and boilers.
   Our main patents include the clothes-line known as “tipo Bologna” (Bologna-type) and an adjustable pipe collar, and as regards accessories to be used with heat sources, the use of spiral handgrips, which prevent burns and have a nice design on top.

   In the course of time we have constantly increased and updated our production equipment at all production stages (from shearing to moulding, shaping, welding, painting and assembling).
   Recently, the experience and versatility gained over the years have resulted in production agreements on behalf of third parties and in the production of a number of accessories and tools for various sectors.
   Today, the optimal balance between a careful craftsmanship and an industrially oriented production system enable us to provide value for money products along with comprehensive quality services.